My name is CJ Yang and I am the person behind Paragon Ingenuity.  Like many individuals, I have way too many hobbies.  Sometimes these hobbies take over my life and the more I learn about them the more intrigued I become.

I am a senior financial analyst by trade and in my day job I spend countless hours in front of a computer creating financial models.  Paragon Analytics is a by product of my day job.  I developed it as a tool to close the wide skill gap I noticed in recent college graduates and the corporate world.

As a financial analyst, trading stocks, index futures and building wealth through passive investments came natural to me.  This is not to say I was a successful investor from the very beginning.  On the contrary, my early investment years were nothing to write home about.  But over the years I learned that risk management is equally important if not more important than picking an investment product.  And this is the genesis of the Paragon Markets investment platform; a trading system I have used successfully to build my own wealth.

I love to travel and who doesn’t?  But traveling can be expensive in particular if you don’t want to rough it and much rather travel in luxury or at least comfortably.  Paragon Points & Miles represents my thoughts and ideas about this hobby that is becoming more and more mainstream as people bring more awareness to this hobby.  Guilty!  

Paragon Vulture, Paragon Shopping and our partnership with Cedar Trading Company are also by products of who I am as a person.  I love to build wealth.  I love to use technology to bring some sanity to my life.  And I like to buy stuff in particular when I find value (i.e. quality at an amazing price).  Now I’ll let you in on my secrets.

I hope my writings bring value to you in some shape or form.  I like to see things from a different perspective, test the norm, see if status quo can be changed for the better.  Human ingenuity is a powerful quality we all possess.  I welcome you take a glimpse into my world of creative thinking.

CJ. Yang