After years in development, we are excited to finally introduce a stock trading system that aims to revolutionize the way individuals participate in the stock market.  We call this revolutionary system the Capitulation Opportunity INvestment (COIN) Trading System.  This is a system built from the ground up with both non-professional and semi-professional investors in mind to meet the challenges brought forth by the advent and proliferation of technology in the investment world.  Investing in the stock market today is far different from twenty or thirty years ago.  Buy and hold investment strategies are a relic of the past and so are day trading strategies.  Increased market volatility due to the proliferation of powerful high frequency trading systems and other super computers have tilted the game to those with deep and deeper pockets.  The COIN Trading System is not the great equalizer.  It is not the system that will allow you to go head-to-head with the best-of-the-best high frequency trading systems in the world.  The truth is, if you choose to play the game, under their rules, against their million dollar super computers, you will most likely lose and lose big while at it.

The COIN Trading System can best be described as a hybrid between Market Timing and Momentum investing strategies. Market timing strategies alone have proven to be unsuccessful in the past as not only are calling tops and bottoms risky and financially costly in the long-run, but investors in general are handicapped by poor timing and the tendency to buy high and sell low; a strategy that frequently delivers losses.  Momentum investing works for those who can identify a reversing trend and jump on the bandwagon early on before the trend is moving at full stride. Unfortunately, non-professional investors tend to buy at or near the top of an upward trend and are caught holding the now out-of-favor stock on the way down.  The fact is, by the time a stock is mentioned on television or made known to the wider public, it is already too late to jump on the bandwagon. The hybrid approach of the COIN Trading System uses the power of computer technology, similar technologies used by Wall Street firms to give them an edge in trading, to address the pitfalls of these two commonly used investment strategies, and takes the best attributes of the two and combines them into a hybrid system with a number of very important tweaks to address the limitations of each.  Just as Wall Street spent and continues to spend millions of dollars each year refining and building new technology to give them an edge is short-term trading, it is essential for non-professional and quasi-professional investors to also use technology to their advantage through strategic, pin-point application.  At Paragon Ingenuity, we believe the COIN Trading System is the answer and we invite you to learn more about the COIN Trading System and how it may be the non-professional investor answer to the Wall Street elites.


Real-Time Information

The COIN Trading System workspace is fully integrated with TD Ameritrade ThinkorSwim trading platform.  This means all information are available instantaneously and in-real time.  No more waiting on third-party providers for critical trading information.

Built-In Risk Management

You define how much risk to assume per position and the COIN Trading System will automatically calculate the amount of shares to purchase given the recommended exit price.

Exit Strategy

Built-in algorithm dynamically updates exit strategies in-real time based on daily and intraday price action.  Take the guesswork out of when to exit a position.

Pick Your Own Stock to Trade

Trade the stock you want to trade.  No longer be restricted to invest in obscure stocks that you know nothing about.  We provide the tools for you to monitor and trade the stocks of your choosing.

Proprietary Custom Indicators

The heart and soul of the COIN Trading System are the three proprietary custom indicators developed in-house and their easy integration within the ThinkorSwim trading platform.

Powerful Screening Tool

Screen thousands of stocks in minutes based on pre-programmed screening parameters using our three powerful custom indicators to quickly identify trading opportunities.

Integrated Chart Features

Charts have been custom designed to provide essential information in the most effective and cohesive manner.   Gone are the days of switching between multiple tabs to gather information.

Smartphone Access

Gain access to our proprietary custom indicators on your smartphone.  Download the ThinkorSwim smartphone app and configure it to pull our proprietary custom indicators.

No Monthly Subscription Fee

We do not charge a monthly subscription fee for the COIN Trading System.  There is a one time purchase fee with no strings attached.  Save thousands of dollars over the years in subscription fees.



Complete Suite of Trading Tools in Real Time 24/7

Successful investors will tell you information is key and readily available information is best.  Our suite of trading tools are 100% compatible and vertically integrated with the desktop and mobile ThinkorSwim trading platforms to facilitate real-time, live updates throughout the trading day and after market hours.  With the COIN Trading System, there is no need to wait until the end of day for updates or be at the mercy of others for critical trading information.


Powerful All-In One Custom Designed Charts

We custom designed our charts in such a way and in such manner to bring together collectively in one place information critical to making an informed trading decision.  Our proprietary custom indicators are graphed below the candlestick chart.  Superimposed on the candlestick chart itself are recommended sell prices, the number of shares to purchase at the current price given the defined risk tolerance per position.


Trade Stocks, ETFs, Futures, FOREX, Mutual Funds

Use of the COIN Trading System is not only limited to stocks.  Use our proprietary custom indicators to trade Futures, FOREX, ETFs and Mutual Funds.  Create monthly, weekly, daily, hourly and minute charts to fit your trading preference.


Same Powerful Features Now on Your Smartphone

No longer be tied down to your desktop.  Trade anytime, anywhere with the same powerful information available in your desktop computer.  Harness the power of the COIN Trading System anywhere in the world (mobile connection requires wifi or mobile data access).





We have a host of in-depth tutorial videos to illustrate the merits of our COIN Trading System, as well as learning materials for anyone new to trading or interested in learning more about investments and trading.  And best of all these resources are all free and available immediately.  Sign-up below (no credit card required).  Browse, explore and watch our tutorial videos and see for yourself if the COIN Trading System is the right product for you on your way to financial independence.


You will need a personal computer (PC) or Mac computer.   Internet access, a web browser or a mobile device are needed to view instructional videos and connect to the ThinkorSwim trading platform.  Click the ThinkorSwim link below for the latest PC and Mac system requirements to run ThinkorSwim.

ThinkorSwim Software Requirements


Use of COIN Trading System requires an active account with TD Ameritrade.  Click link below for more details on opening a TD Ameritrade account.

Note:  TD Ameritrade account not required to enter trades.  You may use your own brokerage account.

Link to TD Ameritrade


Substantial time commitment is required to fully understand and apply the rules behind the COIN Trading System.  We do not recommend live trading until you feel you have a thorough understanding of the COIN Trading System rules.  Patience is indeed a virtue when it comes to investing.