At Paragon Ingenuity, when we say we stand by the C.O.I.N. Trading System we really mean it.  So much so that we are willing to make it transparent for all to see how well the C.O.I.N. Trading System works live without any filter.  You will see every winning trade as well as every losing trade.  This is all possible because we actively manage the Paragon Vulture Fund on the Collective2 platform; an independent third party service provider not affiliated with us.  All core holdings are hand selected by Paragon Ingenuity staff and follow the exact same C.O.I.N. Trading System rules we outline on Paragon Trading.

Paid Collective2 subscribers  can view current portfolio holdings in real-time as well as receive buy and sell signals via e-mail whenever we submit new orders.  Those who sign up for Collective2′s Auto-Trade functionality can have orders automatically submitted to your own brokerage accounts (see list of participating brokers) whenever we submit a buy or sell order.  Please, read and understand the risks associated with auto-trading before signing up for this service.

Non-paid subscribers will have access to time delayed (two weeks delayed) portfolio holding information.  However, both paid and non-paid Collective2 subscribers will have access to real time portfolio performance metrics.  You will be able to see current and historical monthly returns since portfolio inception, and all other relevant portfolio performance statistics.  This means, you will see the good and the bad trading days and months.  We don’t hide anything and we won’t hide anything.

We want to be as transparent as possible so you can see the pluses and minuses of using the C.O.I.N. Trading System and make a good informed decision if any of the products we offer fits your own investment style and need.


Investment Goal

Capital appreciation with strong emphasis on controlling downside risk.  Fund may hold significant amount in cash during a market downturn.

Built-In Risk Management

Target maximum position loss of 3% of initial investment value.  Maximum of 5 positions at any given time.  Initial Position Value of $5,000 based on initial $25,000 investment capital.

Eligible Investments

Restricted to equity index futures contracts only.  Both short and long positions are permitted.  Fund may periodically maintain large cash balance in volatile market conditions.



Paragon Vulture Fund